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Help Logging In

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Access to your ServicePro product, including login information, is managed by your property’s ServicePro System Administrator.


How to Log Into ServicePro Products

  1. Use a PC that has internet access.
  2. Launch Internet Explorer and go to www.hotelservicepro.net.
  3. On the log-in page, type in your log-in information:
  • Company
  • Property
  • User
  • Password ( Passwords are case sensitive)
  1. Click Login.

Video: How to Log In

1:15 Min.


There are several reasons why you may get the "Login Failed" error message when logging into your ServicePro product:

  • Confirm that your PC has internet access and check your internet connection.
  • Check that your login information is correct. Ask your System Administrator if you are not sure.
  • Check that your password is typed correctly. The Password field is case sensitive, so if you have any capital letters in your password, make sure to include them.
  • Check your "Num Lock" key.
  • Check your "Caps Lock" key.